Black clouds over Europe

The free country of Eastern Europe has faced an unheard-of situation that contradicts the world’s development of civilization. Ukraine was attacked by the forces of the Russian Federation on the orders of Vladimir Putin. For no reason.

Didn’t the 20th century teach us anything? In the 1920s, is there still room for sending young people to their deaths in the name of the interests of oligarchs and dictators?

Si vis pacem, para bellum – let those who want peace prepare for war. As a European civilization, we have reached the level of a democratic culture. By combining the heritage of all our nations, basing them on the heritage of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, we have created multicultural, multinational societies, based on the ideas of freedom and democracy. In order to ensure the survival of these values, and to ensure tomorrow for our children, we must be ready and determined to defend these values. By any means – stubbornness, protest, grassroots influence on the authorities of our countries, satire.

But when innocent are hurt, we should be ready to defend them with arms. It doesn’t matter who of the innocent beings is harmed, what are believes and what language the one speaks. Our European heritage is also a chivalrous ethos. Let us be chivalrous, let us not take our eyes off the needy. Individual freedom is our achievement of civilization, the basis of our culture. And we must fight for this freedom in order for peace to make sense.

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