The restrictions related to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, which have lasted for over a year, have hit the creators of culture very hard. Can we stand indifferently and let the culture fade before our eyes?

Culture must survive! is a project of Your Heritage, which is a response to the current global situation. As part of the project, we take care of culture creators, help them finance their artistic projects, find patrons, and expand the support possibilities of their admirers.

You are a creator and you are wondering – how can we help you?
We can:

  • Help in communication with a group of recipients – how to inform about the need for support
  • Inclusion in the direct aid program and provision of tools for collecting 1% of the tax
  • Help in finding new methods of financing artistic activities
  • Assistance in finding new partners for cooperation in the field of culture – especially among state administration bodies

Do you have further questions, are you wondering if you are eligible for the program? Contact us!