Artists whose works will soon become an element of cultural heritage lives now among us. Don’t wait for tomorrow! You can discover them, help them, become patron or invest in a masterpiece that your children will be able to boast about, as today the collectors of the original Rembrandt or Picasso do. The artists you will find here are the best of the best, creators known wider and wider on the international arena.

People from Poland could help this project with of their tax!

Our artists:

Maja Borowicz

Mature artist who creates in trend of magic realism and surrealism. With her style she is nearest to Beksiński, Sętowski or Yerka. Her works represents reality as constant change, decay, temporariness. Her paintings are, however, full of feelings like love, hope and longing. She creates photo-realistic and surreal paintings in oil.

She is the winner of the “Art Revolution Taipei” 2014.