The Pearl – photo-icon of Lower Silesia

People from Poland could help the Pearl with of their tax.

Early classical era monument, decaying since 1945 as a former evangelical church, today rises from the ruins as a multifunctional cultural arena. It gained new life thanks to the photographers and talented director Patryk Kizny.

“The most beautiful object in Lower Silesia! The interior moves you to a completely different world!”

The Pearl is in Żeliszów village (Ger. Giersdorf) in the Bolesławiec district, Poland. The church was built to the design attributed to architect Carl Gotthard Langhans, author of the design of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Some art historians, however, attribute it to the builder Grundmann. The building was built in the years 1796 – 1797 in an elliptical shape with dimensions of about 20×30 meters. In 1872 by the design of local architect Peter Gansel the bell tower was built out of bolesławiecki sandstone.

“From the outside nothing special, but the interior is breathtaking!”

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Perła / The Pearl