Monastery Dragons 1

We are very pleased to officially announce that the Gentlemen’s Lodge (Loża Dżentelmenów) is our partner!

As part of the cooperation, from time to time, the Lodge will release collector’s whiskey of its own selection, the profit from which will be donated to projects implemented by the Foundation.

From now on you can support monuments while enjoying the most exquisite varieties of whiskey! 🥳

The first fruit of the cooperation is “Monastery Dragons 1”, devoted to the ongoing reconstruction of the gate building in the fortified monastery in Nowogrodziec, which is regaining life as the Monastery of Souls – an educational and cultural forge. “Monastery Dragons 1” consists of only 40 botles. Yes, the “1” one means that there will be a second and subsequent editions. 🙂 But these will be completely different selections.

Monastery Dragons 1


A modern Scottish distillery near Elgin, built in 1971 by John Haig & Co., a company specializing in blending whiskey. Despite its large production capacity (4.5 million liters per year), it is practically unknown to whiskey lovers and, apart from individual collector’s editions, it is not bottled as a single malt. It was closed between 1985 and 1989. Currently, it belongs to the Diageo group, just like the neighboring Glenlossie distillery.

The water for the production of Mannochmore whiskey comes from the Bardon Burn spring and lightly peated malt is used to produce the whiskey.

NOSE: orchard in summer, green apple, meadow full of flowers, citrus fruits, lemon meringue, a light note of vanilla and cream pudding, a bit of nutmeg

MOUTH: lemon, apricot, mirabelle plum, toffee apple

FINISH: toffee, vanilla pudding, slightly spicy, warming

•Distillation 2006

•Bottling 2020

•Hogshead Ex-Bourbon barrel type

•Strength 57.6% ABV

Selection: Gentlemen’s Lodge, Artur Brzychcy

Artwork: Thinloth

Dedication: Monastery of Souls

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