Pearly Decade VIII

This year has been exactly 10 years since the Your Heritage Foundation (Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo) took over the care of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl, giving it a new life. 🤩

In the following posts, we remember several important people and events on the way from the abandoned, ruined Lutheran church to the multifunctional cultural arena.

How much more difficult this path would be if it weren’t for the friends of our idea we met along the way. Both individual people and friendly entities. We would like to mention a few of the latter group – those most friendly towards the Pearl.

Ars Augusta e.V. – Eleni Ioannidou’s association, which, under her leadership, brought opera, madrigals and baroque music to the Pearl. But not only! Thanks to Ars Augusta and Eleni, our activities were supported by several more entities from the list below. 🙂

The Preußisches Kulturerbe Foundation is involved in our current activities, thanks to cooperation with Ars Augusta.

German-Polish Foundation “Kulturpflege und Denkmalschutz” under the leadership of Mr. Peter Schabe helped us obtain support for the reconstruction of subsequent floors of the pearl tower from the funds of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Senta-Weygandt Foundation, headed by the brisk Mrs. Margrit Kempgen, helped us organize several artistic events and also directly supported the work in the Pearl Tower.

The Erika-Simon foundation, which has been known to us for the longest time and has been interested in our activities since the beginning of 2013, also contributed to cultural events and the reconstruction of the tower.

We cannot forget about the wonderful group of volunteers, gathered into an informal association by Jörge Giessler, which at the end of 2019 took care of a large part of the Pearl Cemetery.

Agnieszka Bormann wrote about most of these collaborations.

Thank you for being able to work together for our common cultural heritage despite our differences! ❤

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