Pearly Decade V

pht: Mathias Mahling

This month marks exactly 10 years since the Your Heritage Foundation took over the care of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl. Celebrating the pearly decade, we invite you on 19.08 at 19:00 to the oratorio “Il Davide”, preceded by exhibitions of painting and photography. đŸ€©

In the following posts we will mention some important people and events on the way from an abandoned, ruined Lutheran church to a multifunctional cultural arena.

At the end of 2013, there was enthusiasm and ideas, budget for the renovation was slowly gathered, although the scale of expenditure was huge and the collection for renovation and the Foundation’s own contribution were not able to meet the most urgent needs. Therefore, the Foundation submitted an application for co-financing the works to the Polish Minister of Culture, and at the beginning of 2014 the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland decided to co-finance the Temple of Art and Light and its reconstruction from the ruins. Since then, the Ministry has subsidized the Pearl on average every two years, becoming the most important patron of its reconstruction. Last year, it supported the reconstruction of the Pearl’s tall windows, rosettes, and the first work on the sandstone floor.

We would like to thank the donors, the Ministry of Culture and its employees, and everyone who has contributed to the reconstruction of the Pearl over the years for their trust and support! đŸ„°

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