Pearly Decade III

This month marks exactly 10 years since the Your Heritage Foundation took over the care of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl. On this occasion, on July 13 at 18:00, we invite you to the show “Action Medea”, which is a part of the celebration of the pearly decade. 🤩

In the next posts we will mention some important people and events on the way from an abandoned, ruined Lutheran church to a multifunctional cultural arena.

When in 2012 the Your Heritage Foundation was looking for information about the owner of the Pearl, it turned out that it was the Municipality of Bolesławiec. At that time, the Pearl was a difficult, but valued object for the mayor and councillors.

The councilor of the Bolesławiec Commune, a man of culture and a great enthusiast, who is unfortunately deceased, Mr Ryszard Kaprawy, has been trying for years to take care of the Pearl and give it chance for a new function. He stood out among the councillors, but at the same time he was no exception in this regard.

The burden and risk associated with the verification of the young foundation, however, was taken by the mayor of the Bolesławiec Commune, Mr. Andrzej Dutkowski. At that time, the commune had a preliminary plan for securing the roof, but the mayor and councilors were aware of a much greater challenge than just booking or obtaining money for the renovation of the facility – finding a function for it and running it. Therefore, the original plan assumed only supplementing the roof and closing the building by bricks in the windows and doors, in the hope that thanks to these measures the building will survive and will find someone who will give it new hope and life.

The delegation of Your Heritage met with the mayor back in 2012, presenting him with a plan for the future functioning of the Pearl. Many of our team ideas hit the right ground and we established cooperation. At first, quite general, but after several months of contacts and verification of the Foundation’s capabilities, the councilors and the mayor made a brave decision to conditionally transfer the Pearl to the young Your Heritage Foundation.

It is thanks to this decision that our Temple of Art and Light has been thriving as a multifunctional cultural arena since 2018, and representatives of our project partner – the Bolesławiec Commune, visiting cultural events organized there. 🙂

Thank you for your trust!

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