Juliusz Leonard Marcinowski

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Foundation, we want to introduce you to a few people from our team who have been with us practically from the beginning, or who have significantly contributed to the development of Your Heritage.

Juliusz Marcinowski. A great architect with several decades of practice, a great friend and companion of endless conversations, while driving several hundred kilometers between Warsaw and Żeliszów. It was his design that saved the Pearl of Żeliszów, because when younger architects were afraid to climb over the Pearl’s dome, Juliusz climbed partially rotten construction boards and moved like a mountain goat. Having a pen, paper and a laser gauge at his disposal, he made an extremely accurate inventory of the roof structure and vaulted canopy. His executive design saved the Pearl from collapsing.

When we were facing new challenges provided by the works carried out in the Pearl, everytime Juliusz had rushed to help, combining common sense with the art of restoration. His subsequent measurements and drawings led us from the strictly rescue stage, to the reconstruction of the floors or the insertion of windows. He is definitely one of the pillars of the Your Heritage Foundation.

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