Monastery – report 2023

The mayor of Nowogrodziec, Robert Marek Relich, received a report on the activities undertaken by the Your Heritage Foundation and Your Heritage Club for the former fortified monastery in Nowogrodziec in 2023. As cooperation with both local authorities and residents of the area, where the monument is located, are very important to our activities, we would like to thank the City and Commune of Nowogrodziec and the residents of Nowogrodziec involved in the reconstruction of the Monastery for all their support. The monastery is and will be part of Nowogrodziec, and by working together we will bring it out of oblivion and bring it back to life! 💪

We encourage everyone willing to take action for the Monastery to contact us. 🙂

We will most likely present the details of the report during one of the next meetings of the Commune Council, but the most important events in 2023 are definitely the beginning of the reconstruction of the Monastery, which restored the gate passage from Strzelecka Street, and the implementation of the concept of rebuilding the roofs over the gate building and the neighboring ones, which was approved by monument conservation office. This means that monument conservation office has given the green light to change the classification of at least part of the complex from a permanent ruin to a fully functional architectural monument! Now, working in parallel in the design and construction areas – further strengthening and supplementing the walls and vaults of the Monastery buildings, we will prepare the facility for lifting the roof structure. If the construction design is agreed with monument conservation office this year, there is a chance that the roof structure will begin to rise over the gate building as early as 2025.

Once again, we would like to thank both the authorities of Nowogrodziec and its wonderful inhabitants for their warm welcome and great openness! 🥰

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