Pearl Night

Yesterday the “Pearl by Night” event took place – the last “open door” event in the Temple of Art and Light this year.

The tour began with a visit to the Pearl Cemetery, illuminated with candles, in the company of a local historian – Darek Gołębiewski, who spoke engagingly about the history of our cemetery, as well as various funeral customs in general.

Later, our guests had the opportunity to visit the Pearl in its night version, and people interested in its history had the opportunity to talk to Wilk Korwin-Szymanowski, a person associated with the project of rebuilding the Pearl from the very beginning.

The arrangement of candles and night lighting of the Pearl was planned by the artistic soul of the Foundation, our Thinloth Korwin-Szymanowska.

Thank you for your lovely visit and we invite you again in 2024!

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