Pearly Decade VI

This month marks exactly 10 years since the Your Heritage Foundation took over the care of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl. Celebrating the pearly decade, we invite you on 19.08 at 19:00 to the oratorio “Il Davide”, preceded by exhibitions of painting and photography. 🤩

In the following posts we will mention some important people and events on the way from an abandoned, ruined Lutheran church to a multifunctional cultural arena.

When recalling the renovation of the Pearl, it is impossible to omit the contribution of the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship to the Pearl’s reconstruction. Since 2014, when we faced the construction works and renovation, until today, when only conservation and restoring works are left, the Marshal’s Office supports the Pearl, as far as budgetary possibilities allow. However, this is not limited only to supporting the renovation – while traveling with Koleje Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesian Trains), you can see photo of the Pearl, which encourage travelers to visit Żeliszów, but also to explore the nooks and crannies of Lower Silesia.

Thank you for your trust and building, long-term partnership! 🙂

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