Portal 2024

An amazing event took place on May 4th in our Temple of Art and Light!

In place of the portal stolen years ago, in the void left by it, a new portal was inserted, made by Tadeusz Łasica – a local social activist and a great friend of the Pearl. The portal was made with so much commitment and attention to detail that, just like the original one, the new one also shows traces of painstaking manual processing. Inspired by Tadeusz Łasica, a great team of professionals – from Nowa Wieś Grodziska, Suszki and Żeliszów took part in the process of placing the portal in the target place – Andrzej, Jarek, Paweł, Waldek, and of course Tadeusz.

Thank you, gentlemen! You have made history in the Pearl!

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