Magdalene in the Monastery

On May 1, 2024, for the first time since the beginning of reconstruction, the fortified monastery in Nowogrodziec was visited by the spiritual heirs of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Mary Magdalene of Penance, who managed our monastery from 1217 until secularization in 1810 – the Magdalene Sisters from Lubań (as well as from Jelenia Góra, Cieplice and Nowogrodziec). 🙂 Although the monastery has been a secular building since 1810, the time of its greatest flourishing and, at the same time, the flourishing of Nowogrodziec falls on the period when both the monastery and the city belonged to the “white maidens”.

Not all of you know that although the monastery will serve a secular function after reconstruction, the Magdalene Sisters from Lubań are committed to supporting the “Monastery of Souls” project, not only in the spiritual but also financial dimension. We are extremely pleased that this project meets with the approval of the Congregation, and that the Congregation itself takes such an active part in the revival of the monastery and in the social system of monument management. 🙂

More photos and a few words from the Magdalenes in the news on the congregation’s website in the entry “Monastery of Souls”.

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