An elite spectacle in the Pearl

Our Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl is not only cultural events for a wide audience, such as Jazz concerts or opera. These are also elite events, with very limited availability, so that each of the people participating in the event has a direct, deeply penetrating contact with art.

On July 13, 2023, on the occasion of our tenth anniversary with the Pearl, we organized such an event in cooperation with an extraordinary theater group Studio Kokyu.

Three outstanding actresses with strong voices that penetrate the body straight to the core – the soul: Marie Walker, Joanna Kurzyńska and Marta Horyza, showed us a completely new and at the same time timeless interpretation of the Medea myth, dismantling the heroine’s feelings into prime factors, striking them like a blade into the most sensitive points of each person gathered in the Temple of Art and Light.

pht: Radio Zamek Nadaje

“Action Medea”, directed by Przemysław Błaszczak, is a minimalist theatre, referring to Japanese aesthetics. But minimalist only in terms of props, emotionally it is a soul-cutting spectacle and evokes a real feeling of catharsis in the audience. A long pause after the actresses left the stage, a standing ovation and tears appearing in the eyes of some of the audience are the best review for the acting action that took place in the Pearl last Thursday. The reviews, which began to appear on the web soon after, show what “Action Medea” meant to the audience gathered in the Pearl.

We would like to thank our wonderful audience for coming, experience and such a positive reception. We promise that this is not the last cooperation between our Foundation and Studio Kokyu in the space of the Temple of Art and Light. 🙂

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