Pearly Decade I

This month marks exactly 10 years since the Your Heritage Foundation took over the care of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl. On this occasion, on July 13 at 18:00, we invite you to the show “Action Medea”, which is a part of the celebration of the pearly decade. 🤩

Besides, in the next posts we will mention some important people and events on the way from an abandoned, ruined Lutheran church to a multifunctional cultural arena.

It would be difficult to start otherwise than with the director Patryk Kizny, or rather a duo of artists – after all, Patryk made the short film “The Chapel” entirely devoted to the Pearl together with Agnieszka Gonczarek.

Before “The Chapel” the Pearl was known to the chosen ones. It was the publication of the film made the abandoned church of the former Giersdorf famous, making it one of the more desirable destinations for Urban Exploration tourism or photography. The Temple of Art and Light captured in the frames of “The Chapel” was breathtaking, hardly anyone could believe that such a gem is hidden in a small village near BolesÅ‚awiec.

The Pearl remained so firmly in the souls of our artists that after “The Chapel” a second film dedicated to it was made – “Rebirth”. Both videos are available for free on Patryk Kizny’s Vimeo channel.

Although these are the events that took place a few years before the Pearl was taken over by the “Your Heritage” team, it was “The Chapel” that created the media potential so necessary for the reconstruction of monuments located off the main routes. And in the first years after taking over of the Pearl, this potential was extremely useful.

Above is still from “The Chapel”.

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