Internet users save the fortified monastery!

Last weekend we could once again see that our system of social management of monuments works! 💪

People who were united by the idea of saving monuments, and who were effectively connected by our project from 2018 – “Take Your Legacy!”, gathered together within the defensive walls of the Monastery of Souls to prepare a place for the first construction works together.

After the success of the initiative, which was undoubtedly last year’s takeover of the fortified monastery in Nowogrodziec by the Your Heritage Foundation and the Your Heritage Club, it’s time for construction works and further successes in the form of restoring subsequent parts of the heart of the old town. ❤️

The last meeting of the Club started the process of preparing the area of the Monastery for protection works, and in the longer term, the reconstruction of the gate building from Strzelecka Street.

Integrating and creating a place for effective cooperation for lovers of monuments is the way to ensure the future of abandoned and decaying cultural heritage. The Monastery of Souls is the best example of this, and over time it can become a symbol. 🙂

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