Giovanni Pergolesi and Antonio Vivaldi in The Pearl!

June 2 at 18:00 in our Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl, a beautiful musical event will take place.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Ars Augusta e.V. association and the Silesian Festival, compositions by Pergolessi and Vivaldi will soon be heard within the walls of the Pearl. Tickets are available here and will also be on sale the day of the show.


La Serva Padrona”  | “Handmaid becoming lady”

A comic opera in two acts | Music:  Giovanni Battista Pergolesi |  Libretto: Gennaro Antonio Federico (1733)

Recorder Concerto Op.20 Nr.3, D-Dur RV 428 „Il Gardellino“ (Goldfinch) Music: Antonio Vivaldi (1728)

One of the most famous intermezzi of the opera buffa genre and one of the best-known works of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736), the opera “La serva padrona” (handmaid becoming lady) premiered in Naples in 1733 and has since enjoyed popularity around the world. It tells the story of the servant Serpina, who, with the help of the servant Vespone, manages to convince the old bachelor Uberto to marry her and thus becomes the mistress of the house.

The concept of the performance created by Eleni Ioannidou combines a 45-minute intermezzo with the concerto Op. 20 No. 3 (Il Gardellino) by Antonio Vivaldi for recorder and strings. Szczepan Dembiński’s “Overture for the King of Poland” will open the performance. An important element of the staging is the participation of Bogdan Nowak’s pantomime group “Glinoludzie”, and above all the impressive set design of the former Evangelical church in Żeliszów, today known around the world as “The Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl of Żeliszów”.


Uberto:     Mikołaj Bońkowski, bass baritone

Serpina:    Elvire Beekhuizen, sopran

Vespone:   Bogdan Nowak, pantomime

Das Lausitzer Barockensemble (Polish-German Lusatian Baroque Complex)

Baroque violin: Mateusz Janus, Kacper Szpot.

Viola: Dominika Garncarz, Kontrabas: Marcin Bajon, Wiolonczela barokowe: Szczepan Dembiński

Harpsichord: Adam Piotr Rorat, Teorba: Klaudyna Żołnierek

Solo flute: Susan Joseph

Concertmaster/conductor: Szczepan Dembiński

Directing and art director: Eleni Ioannidou

Costumes: Anna Utko

The organizers: Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo & Ars Augusta e.V.


15€ / 50 PLN i 12 € / 35 PLN (students, seniors); kids <12 yo: free

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