Wilk Korwin-Szymanowski

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Foundation, we want to introduce you to a few people from our team who have been with us practically from the beginning, or who have significantly contributed to the development of Your Heritage.

If you call our Foundation number, you will most likely hear the calm voice of Wilk Korwin-Szymanowski, our spokesman and a person who turns ideas into words with a truly devilish skill, allowing us to turn concepts into actions.

He has been with the Foundation from the beginning, he is responsible for the linguistic setting of our activities – in everyday language presenting our projects to you, institutional language (for applications) and legal language. He never questions the feasibility of our assumptions, rather he immediately looks for a description that will make them as effective as possible.

For the team, it is a kind of bridge between the most important pillars of the Foundation: artistic – ideological, architectural – design and executive, as well as he is the mouth of the Foundation in contacts with institutions.

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