“Emotional Realism”

We are happy to announce an occasion that is extremely rare!

Maja Borowicz‘s individual exhibition will take place on November 16-20!

Those of you who follow Maja – an artist included in our project “Heritage of Tomorrow”, know how rare Maja’s individual exhibitions are. That is why “Emotional Realism” at Galeria pod Sceną Monopolis in Łódź is a real treat for art lovers. 🙂

The exhibition is an accompanying event to the Cultural Responsibility Week of Business and was organized thanks to the kindness of Mariański Group Kancelaria Prawno-Podatkowa and the LodzArte Foundation.

The exhibition will include over 16 works, including 13 oil paintings and paintings from the artist’s collection and private collections that have not been shown live before.

Who of you is going? We definitely are. 🙂

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