Thinloth Korwin-Szymanowska

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Foundation, we want to introduce you to a few people from our team who have been with us practically from the beginning, or who have significantly contributed to the development of Your Heritage.

Thinloth Korwin-Szymanowska. The person who started it all. Sensitive artist, founder of Your Heritage, invariably the head of the Foundation’s Council of Founders for a decade. The real foundation and soul of our organisation. Initiator of such projects as the Pearl or Focus on Monuments. For our team, a noble Queen and steadfast Captain, who sets the course in the midst of every storm. The real source of unusual ideas.

It was her decision that saved the Pearl of Żeliszów, when at the end of 2012 she decided to designate this Temple of Art and Light as the main direction of the Foundation’s activities, creating our flagship project. Since then, Thinloth has been the guardian of changes in the Pearl – it is her imagination that allows to find the golden mean between reconstruction and vibe, between functionality and keeping a dignified space for the Sun’s rays gently caressing the pearly interior, between new life and the clear traces of the passage of time.

Her courage and determination allowed us the launch of one of the most important projects in the field of monument protection – the social management system “Take your legacy!”. The project is still being developed, and its success will give a wide group of monument lovers a way of having a real impact on the fate of tangible cultural heritage.

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