Wedding in the Pearl

From 2018, it is possible to get married in the Pearl. Last Saturday we hosted an event where on a carpet of clouds, amid the scent of lilies and the rays of the sun, two people joined in a mutual vow.

If you’d like to get married in the Pearl, make an appointment with us by calling + 48 690690550. We’ll help you with formalities.

Possible packages (net prices):

(prices in PLN)

  • wedding – 2.000 for the hall
  • wedding session – 600 for the first 2 hours and 250 for each subsequent hour
  • heavy smoke generator “basilisk” – 350 for each started hour
  • wedding + session 2.500 PLN (photo session up to two hours, an additional fee of 220 for each subsequent one)
  • wedding + basilisk 2.300 PLN (the first hour of “basilisk” is included in the price, 300 for each subsequent one)
  • full wedding package – 3.400, including the hall, implementation of the wedding session up to 3 hours, 2 hours of “basilisk” work (additional session hour – 200, another hour of basilisk work – 250)

Attractive discounts are available for people who support the Foundation.

Renting the Pearl’s space includes the main hall with balconies, access to electricity (single-phase and three-phase), a table, chairs for the bride and groom and the official, a beautiful emblem of Poland with gilding made with 24-carat gold.

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