Last farewell to Jan Urszulak

In 2014, we met an extraordinary man. Full of contagious optimism, witty, honest, a master of his craft. Although the cooperation was supposed to cover only the first stage of work in the Pearl, his craftsmanship, experience, and readiness to face the most difficult challenges made us collaborate until the last stage. And his huge heart, that apart from the professional sphere, he has become an important friend to us.

It is with great sadness that we received the news that Jan Urszulak left us yesterday, after a long struggle with a serious illness.

But although he has left, he is and will be with us. His spirit and sincere smile will accompany us in the coming years of Pearl’s activity, during concerts, events and conservation works. And in many years, when someone who will come after us, looks into the time capsule hidden in the Pearl, he will see Jan smiling, among the team of Your Heritage, against the background of Pearl’s galleries, the reconstruction of which he has actively contributed to.

Janie! Thank you for the honor of working with you on this project! Thank you for that you were and will always be our friend!

We express our sympathy to the family and loved ones.

On behalf of Your Heritage team

– Juliusz, Thinloth, Wilk

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