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How do we work?


We support the artistic activities

At the same time we promote young artists and exhibit their works.


We organize cultural events

Through the events we get with our mission to various environments and help to build good PR to our patrons.


We help owners of monuments

We assist in the adaptation of the building, considerations of conservation, fundraising and promotion of the object.


We take care of monuments

We can take responsibility for monuments future by accepting it as a donation or by taking over its management. We find for it a new function, rise founds for the reconstruction, or looking for investors.

Our Team

Founder and one of the pillars of Your Heritage Foundation. She is clever, lively, very involved in projects that she undertakes. She combines a passion with work by professionally dealing with horses, or by search and rescue monuments.Dorota Korwin-SzymanowskaChairman of Founders Council

Face and spokesman of Your Heritage, the second pillar of the Foundation. Enterprising, creative, rational, calm. He is interested in pre-christian history of Poland.

Wilk Korwin-SzymanowskiSpokesman, Project Co-ordinator, Public Relations.

Architect with extensive experience, approaching new projects like the interesting challenges. Despite decades in the branch he has a very flexible mind, which helps him to find new, unusual functions for historic buildings, but with great respect for their essence. Juliusz MarcinowskiChairman of Programme Council

Architect and restorer. Great lover of old architecture, mainly in Lower Silesia. Open, sociable, accurate. He has extensive experience in the field of monuments conservation, monitoring of investment in historic buildings and in design.Krzysztof WartenbergSpecialist for monuments conservation and conservation supervisor

Although he often says about himself a "simple axman" decades of work as an expert for the sustainable management of trees in the cultural landscape, combined with a great desire to preserve the valuable trees, make him a mentor in the field of historic parks and old trees care. Wojciech MisiorExpert for the sustainable management of old trees; Head of interventions for the natural heritage

A citizen of the world, a woman of culture, artistic director of the "Meetingpoint Music Messiaen" association of Görlitz and a talented opera singer. For her unique commitment to the Pearl of Żeliszów restoration and for finding its new cultural function, the Founders Council granted her the title of Curator for the "Pearl of Żelisżów". Eleni Triada IoannidouHonored with the title of the Curator for the "Pearl of Żelisżów"

Visual artist and film director. While creating he bravely playing with new technologies, using them for narration in his works. His film "The Chapel" inspired and actually started the project Pearl of Zeliszow. Patryk KiznyHonorary member of Programme Council

Sensitive and extremely creative artist. Patrick Kiznys partner both in life and at incredible artistic projects, such as the films

"The Chapel" and "Rebirth".

Agnieszka GonczarekHonorary member of Programme Council