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Main project:

Pearl of Żeliszów - photographically best known monument of Lower Silesia

Let abandoned chapel change to multifunctional cultural arena for cultural events, concerts, films, and photos.

The Pearl of Zeliszow has become a muse for many artists, including the great director Patryk Kizny. His short film "The Chapel"was an inspiration by the ongoing adaptation of the object. Pearl of Zeliszow appeared also in his next film - "Rebirth".
By joining in the project you can reach a wide group of photographers and models from all over Europe, as well as hundreds of tourists visiting the Pearl of Zeliszow.

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Join us!


As patron
Let everybody know, that you are a patron of best cultural events, restorer of cultural heritage and that you are classy!


As donor
By a gift or even small amount of money, you charge us to continue our mission.


As investor
We have a large offer of cooperation for companies and corporations who wants to develop its CSR or invest in monument.

Other projects:

Games of Fire and Steel

Polish Championship in full contact medieval struggles is the biggest sport event of this kind in Europe. Medieval knights returning from the past and revive the ancient atmosphere of knights fighting.
The project partner is artistic agency BRZART.

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Heritage of Tomorrow

Artists whose works will become part of the national heritage live and create among us. You can already see them and invest in a work which in a few years could be as valuable as original da Vinci, or Picasso.

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Boyen Fortress

Well preserved fortified monument, the work of the masters of the late nineteenth century - now looking for investors. Apart from an interesting idea for a new function, investors can expect up to 140,000,000.00 PLN grant for the first phase of the investment. Required own contribution starts from 3,000,000.00 PLN.

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Monuments in Focus

The aim of the project is an artistic documentation of monuments of Polish territory. Sometimes seriously, sometimes with humor - always supporting the promotion of the monument.


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Ballad of Poland

The Ballad of Poland is a series of recitals of Jacek Kaczmarski performed by an artist gifted with an extraordinary voice – Mr. Lukasz Kretkowski. It is a journey across the history of Poland - from the early Republic of Nobles to the time of the communist regime.

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The aim of the project is to promote Polish Slavic past. Partner in the project is a group of Altersteam.



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Castles and Palaces of Poland - series

Serial directed by Pawel Pitera. Its task is to revive Polish castles and palaces. It's time for old monuments to tell the story of the people who once inhabited them.

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