Boyen Fortress

Military pride of Warmia and Mazury

Although defended itself against hostile troops, the fortress fell under the rule of the communist era. Today, thanks to the efforts of the City of Giżycko, in particular the mayor and vice mayor, and a group of investors with a vision, Boyen Fortress has a chance to turn into a world recognizable brand, and become a role model for managers of other historic buildings.

The Boyen Fortress in Giżycko was built between 1843 and 1855 as a point of strategic importance as it blocked the pass between lakes Niegocin and Kisajno. In 1846, a decision was made to honour one of the supporters and initiators of the fortress, General von Boyen, by naming the fortress after him. Its bastions were named Hermann, Ludwig, Leopold (all of which were the General’s given names) as well as Schwert, Recht and Licht (which stood for the symbols that could be found in the General’s coat of arms, i.e. Sword, Law and Light). The Fortress was designed for a garrison of approximately 3000 soldiers. The Giżycko Garrison was formed in 1859. From 1889 on, Giżycko served as the Commander’s Post, and in 1902, the Fortress Boyen came to house an artillery arsenal.

The project aims to create a world recognizable brand and unique network product by investors from the sector of small and medium enterprises. The entry threshold for investor capital is 3 million PLN. All interested in entering in the still open investment please contact the Foundation, or the City of Giżycko.




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200.000.000,00 PLN

Estimated value of the investment

Up to 70% additional financing

Investor friendly city